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The Story of Icarus...

(in our own words)

Greek Mythology states that Daedalus, Icarus's Father built wings made of feathers and wax to escape the island of Crete. The instructions were simple, Don't fly to high so the sun's heat doesn't melt the wax, and don't fly to low so the sea doesn't weigh down the feathers with wetness. Icarus didn't follow instructions. He flew to high, the wax melted, his wings started to fall apart and he plummeted to the sea...suspected to be dead. 

...Floating lifeless out at sea, nibbled at by the ocean life, Icarus eventually washed up on land...with one wing intact, and one broken. Icarus tapped into his fathers genius and fashioned at kite out of limbs of trees and animal hides, attached the new kite to the broken wing and climbed to the tallest peak of the island and leapt off, knowing that either option (staying on the island or possibly leaping to his death) could mean death. Icarus's new wing got him to the next closest civilization. Where he thrived as an inventor. 

     Steven and Cory have big ideas and even bigger imaginations. It would be very easy for either of them to get lost down a rabbit hole of exciting, yet unproductive and unprofitable ideas. The Icarus story helps keep them grounded with an understanding of what happens when you fly to high. Join Project Icarus on this journey of creation and imagination. 

Thanks for reading, we hope you enjoyed the story. 

Our Version Continues

Introducing Project Icarus

Steven Donovan

Steven painting the Wing

Cory Stanley

Cory builds the puzzle door
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