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Hello Project Icarus followers!

Thanks for checking out our page! This thing has already evolved much farther than we expected...but it has been an incredible ride so far. We started Project Icarus as a creative outlet for my brother Steve and myself. Steve has always been the artist in the family, and hes made some truly awesome stuff.

I spent 7 years in the Navy as a Machinist. I met some incredible people and got to see some really cool places in the world, but i didn't like leaving my family behind. Being a machinist in the Navy was a cool job, but not as cool as being a dad to my 3 sons, and it wasn't ever fun leaving them behind. I decided it was time to go back home and be there for my family.

I worked in a machine shop in Springfiled, MO for 3 years, where i learned even more about machining, and got into the CNC side of it. The job was not terrible, but i always felt like i needed to be doing more. I needed to learn more than the company could teach me, so i went back to school and dove into Fusion 360 to learn how to model and design parts.

It clicked with me one day while doing woodworking as a hobby that i could combine the two.I talked to Steve about it and said it would be awesome to incorporate his art into it as well and the rest is history. We love what we do and cannot get enough of it. Everyday brings new challenges that push us farther. Let us know what we can do for you!

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