wha a cat sees


I've been a creative soul for most of my life, getting started in when I was young with a sketch book and a pencil. which later turned into ink, copper etching and painting. I won a couple awards back in high school for being generally awesome, but today I am not even sure what they were for anymore. 

Since graduating, I have always had a desire to do something with my natural talents, but as with most of us, life gets in the way and the desires of the soul gets pushed to the back seat of the bus. 

October of 2007 I was in a terrible motorcycle accident (motorcycle vs car). In a coma for roughly a week while they cut me open and put my insides back together. Obviously I lived, but I wake up every morning with the reminder that I was ran over. For several years I managed to keep working, but as my body gets older and falling apart more in the areas that were damaged, I ended up losing my job. Coincidentally God had a plan, and Cory was fresh out of the Navy getting back into civilian life...and hating the grind of the day in and day out. We repeatedly talked about "doing something awesome" and creating whatever came to mind. So when the conditions were perfect, we did just that! And created Project Icarus. 

We have big plans for this endeavor. We also hope that you will be a part of it too! 


ink skull